Eu achei a coisa mais linda esse Passage Quilting - An active bereavement and transition process utilizing the clothing and materials of life. Não sei como lidarei com a perda mas acredito no poder dos ritos. A criadora, Sherry Lynn Wood, diz que o processo ajuda muito a superar a dor.

As etapas do Passage Quilting são:

The Clothing Left Behind
Is the gift that holds the story and memories of the person who gathered and wore them over time. In a way working with this clothing is a collaboration with the beloved.

Choosing The Clothing
Is an opportunity to gather together and actively remember, share and tell the stories of a person’s life, relationships and death.

Cutting The Clothing Apart
Is a definitive and symbolic acknowledgment of change and the beginning of transformation. The word bereavement literally means “to tear or rend apart.”

Remembering The Body
Through the architecture of the clothing holds the personal essence of the beloved. It is the starting point for the improvisational piecework.

Improvisational Piecework
Piecing the quilt top without a predetermined pattern, provides a model for examining life patterns during a time of disorientation.

Hand Quilting
Provides an opportunity for reflection, meditation and prayer. It serves as a safe container for experiencing intense emotions of grief over time.

Quilting Together
Can be an opportunity for sharing emotions and experiences in fellowship with others.

The Finished Quilt
 Is functional, providing warmth, comfort and consolation. It serves as a vehicle for remembering and sharing the life of the beloved.

[eu sei que as fotos estouraram mas eu gosto delas grandes, mesmo assim]

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