Name: Rosie G.
Age: 18
Location: England
Occupation: Student
Website: http://minorfall.tumblr.com

  • My favourite blue coat.
  • A red hat I wear too often.
  • Vivienne Westwood handbag gifted by my mother.
  • Macbook laptop.
  • Leonard Cohen, book of longing (The only poet to ever make me cry).
  • A photo of the four of us (at seaworld!) before the divorce.
  • My green notebook, for thoughts which deserve to be written down.
  • A little (unreadable in this photo) note from someone special.
  • iPod Touch.
  • Gold Tiffany key pendant, from my father for my eighteenth.
  • Gold ring, handed down via my aunt.
  • Martine Murray, Cedar B. Hartley (A book from my childhood which had more effect on me than any book has the right to).
  • Peter Rabbit soft toy, nicknamed Fufu, which I’ve had since birth.
  • Passport.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Car keys.
  • Tobacco, perhaps the most essential thing on here.

Name: Luca Cavallaro
Age: 34
Location: New York
Occupation: Designer

  • Alma Lou, she would even be enough.
If I have time:
  • Hard drive, for memories that my brain failed to store.
  • Sunglasses, I feel naked without them.
  • Wallet, a gift from my wife.
  • My father’s old camera, I promised him to take good care.
  • Sneaker, emergency orange.
  • In the black box, my vintage eyewear collection (favorite only).
  • Phone.
  • Vintage leather mask, in case I have to protect my face from the flames.
  • Dieter Rams alarm clock, I don’t wake up on my own.
  • Orange hummer, if i have to brake some windows during the escape.
  • Life buoy ring, in case of flooding. In Italy we say:” le sfighe non vengono mai da sole”, misfortunes never come alone.

Name: Karin Öst
Age: 24
Location: Göteborg, Sweden
Occupation: Vintage shop owner, environmental science student.
http://blog.lilyofthevalley.se/ - http://www.lilyofthevalley.se/
Okay, I guess this sound a little bit paranoid but I keep this suitcase packed at all times, just in case there actually is a fire! Not all of those things are always in the suitcase, but most are.
  • Photoalbums and diaries from my life
  • Collection of antique photographies, and vintage photos of my family and ancestors
  • Vintage tooth model my parents got me because I have a dentist/tooth fetish.
  • 50s gingham jumpsuit.
  • Favorite shoes.
  • The plush seal Sälas I got when I was a newborn.
  • Small paintings by my boyfriend who is an artist -http://www.frejnicolaisensiden.se/
  • Vivienne Westwood jewellery I got from grandma when I graduated.
  • Blue 40s-50s leather gloves with silver bows.
  • Antique and highly amusing book on human sexuality, has stories about how you die in a “nameless horror” from masturbation. Gift from my father, who refused to let go of it until a year back or so.
  • Tape with Vem ska trösta knyttet? by Tove Jansson.
  • And the suitcase itself, which was given to me by my friend Natalie, who owned it and named it Daphne before she moved back to Canada.

Name: Jessica GoodmanAge: 25
Location: Chicago
Occupation: Administrative Assistant, Grad Student, Explorer 
Website: http://waysideviolet.com/
As long as my husband and pup are safe, here’s what I’d want to grab…
  • My Polaroid Camera (a gift from a friend)
  • Photos of Family and Friends
  • A good record (Belle and Sebastian The BBC Sessions) we bought on a rainy day in Rochester, NY
  • A Chocolate Bar
  • My Gold Chanel Nail Polish (it just seems important for some reason)
  • Worn out beaded flats I bought on a trip to London with my mom
  • Scarf I bought at a thrift store (The Rusty Zip) in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • The necklace Joel gave me on our 4th wedding anniversary
  • Work in Progress: Selbu Mitten
  • Favorite Editions of Favorite Books: Emma & Middlemarch
  • Messanger bag that I’ve had since 2nd grade
I wish  could grab this rug too!

Name: The McMillans
Age: both 36
Location: Minneapolis
Occupation: Menswear

  • Orrlaskan Wool Blanket
  • Antique 1970s Encyclopedia Brittanica Globe
  • Baby Gator head
  • Mac’s Fishing rods
  • Kat’s favorite bag by Schuler + sons
  • Photo of Tess, Kat’s first dog + love
  • Kat’s Adidas Sambas
  • Mac’s Sperry Boat Sneakers
  • Pierrepont Hicks FW11 Tie
  • Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
  • Scrapbooks from Africa and Beyond by Peter Beard
  • Baby: Mimi McMillan, 10 weeks old
  • Not Shown: Camille McMillan age 2

Name: Brett Rogowski
Age: 38
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Occupation: Programmer, Photographer, Runner

  • Trusty knife
  • Willow Tree Dad with baby (we had such a hard time conceiving our first child - this gift moved me)
  • Medals from many, many, many marathons
  • Wallet
  • My favorite Mizuno Racing shoes
  • Change of clothes for my two girls / pacifier from the hospital. Only one that works
  • Paper mache cat that my wife and I both had when we met
  • My guitar (the only item that has survived more than 15 years with me)
  • Wine from 2008 the day my first daughter was born (Big Sur Marathon)
  • Gimli my trusty pug
  • Gimli’s treats
  • Illegal fireworks
  • Box of misc flowers given to me from my wife over 11 years ago
  • Red Pepper
  • Glasses
  • My favorite pen
  • Memory cards
  • iPhone and iPad
  • 50mm and 125mm leneses
  • Canon 40D (not shown)
  • Dell 2600 - my life is almost completely digital now
  •  Painting from 2005 of a moth in monochromatic.

Name: Maggie Rudy
Age:  52
Location:  Portland, Oregon
Occupation:  artist, children’s book illustrator
Blog:  mouseshouses.blogspot.com

  • Jackie, my childhood doll
  • my wallet, made from a feed sack
  • a postcard from Maurice Sendak, received in response to a fan letter I wrote in 1970
  • my great-grandmother’s prom dress
  • my glasses
  • pictures of my sons
  • a bird brooch, given to me by my husband
  • a photograph of my dad, circa 1938 by Brett Weston
  • little felt mice characters that I made
  • my laptop

Você entra lá e se pega pirando na vida das pessoas, imaginando como são fisicamente e montando histórias com as informações.

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